College radio breeds good music. It all began at a party thrown what be came their arch-rival band (one of the many bands coming out of WMUC-FM). Ben Weisholtz and Jakuta decided then to put together a project. After a few drum and bass jam sessions Zach Richardson showed up one day with his Moog It was quite a Krautastic day, but Ben was not into the whole Krautorock thing, so Zach started playing the guitar. We began talking to the ex-music director at the station, David Malitz, who was also interested in putting something together. And that was that.

Unfortunately Ben left the following summer (2001) to sell ice cream in New Jersey and the band was no more. David & Zack went on to form The Fake Accents and Jakuta started a solo project Jakuta & Carl.  Later there were also The Cheniers, Brainbows, Rachel Carsons’ Project, and a few others.

You can still purchase a compilation called Live On Third Rail Radio by find it on discogs. The comp features “I Don’t Know.” You can also hear them in mp3 form: